So many times during a consultation for Velashape cellulite reduction I think to myself… This just may be my favorite chat! Why? It is my opportunity to separate fact from myth and answer my client’s primary question: Does this treatment really work? I also get to explain how it can work for them.

ALA-Dallas_Velashape Cellulite ReductionIt makes my day to give clarity to this question; one that I truly believe (at least, most of the time) is misrepresented. If practitioners would give the patient a set of reasonable expectations I think this treatment would get a better reputation.

No, this treatment does not “suck” the fat out of you. That would be Lipo Suction—hence the word suction.

No, it does not last forever..not even close. Once you stop it literally stops. This is a maintenance based type treatment. Meaning that you must keep doing the treatments on a consistent basis or your results that you have become happy with will slowly creep back to what you had before or, at least, similar to it.

How does Velashape work?

How does this rolling heat producing vacuum assist with your cellulite? What areas can you treat?

The velashape works by utilizing 3 different sources at one time all during one visit.

  1. Radio Frequency
  2. Infrared heat
  3. Vacuum-based massage rollers

Charges are based on number and amount of “areas.” For instance, front of thighs, back of thighs, hips, buttocks & abdomen. The average cost is approximately $125.00 per area.

The Process

The VelaShape process is virtually painless—actually, it really feels quite relaxing warm and comforting. Most clients fall asleep from the relaxation that comes from the treatment. It feels like a warm massage.

  • Your practitioner will place you comfortably on the treatment table with an appropriate cover up or drape.
  • Next, a lotion-type spray will be applied to your skin on the desired out it may be a little cold at first but not for long.
  • Once the spray has been applied the machine head will be placed on your skin you will instantly feel a rolling, massage sort-of feeling then slowly you begin to feel the heat. The motion that it is involved is a back and forth “mowing” motion.
  • Slight pressure will be applied while guiding the hand piece up and down and in circles within the desired area. Typically your provider will have a actual heat gun that with a simple click point and shoot will give your provider timely information on what the temperature of the tissue in the treatment area is. The desired treatment should be between 107 and 111. Some clients do produce heat quicker than others.  And, by the way, this treatment with the radio frequency is also fabulous for mild muscle pain.

If the treatment program is followed and maintained properly, results will be successful and you will be happy with the results.

VelaShape_Rowe_back_before and after_cropThis treatment is perfect prior to summertime or a vacation you’re planning where you need a smoothing effect. A great treatment protocol would be: first month being treated 2 times a week for 4 weeks , second month one time a week for a month, month 3 treatments every other week, followed by monthly maintenance or as needed as you see fit.

The lotion post treatment should be rubbed in the skin as it contains caffeine which assists with the success of the treatment by encouraging the fat cells to be compromised and shrink.

As long as your client has reasonable expectations of what the possibilities are between your client’s responsibilities, the machines capabilities, and being a proper candidate—you should nothing less than great success using the Velashape for cellulite reduction!