Please note: ACADEMY and SPA services do not offer the same treatments.

Academy (school) Services:

  • Treatments are provided by a student in training and supervised by a Instructor.
  • Treatments will be provided in a training environment where there are other students in the room. Up to 6 people may be observing treatments.
  • Settings for the treatment are purposely set 25-30% lower for training purposes; treatments are NOT always even.
  • Only 1-Pass procedures; limitations on the amount of aggressive nature.
  • To insure maximum efficacy for certain procedures, there is a limit to the number of times clients are permitted to be a model due to high demand. You may use the Academy for Hair Removal 3 times. All other Academy Services are limited to 2 treatments.
  • Due to class schedules, there are limitations on available appointments. However, it is important to stay on schedule with hair removal treatments so you may need to use Spa Services due to limited Academy Service appointments. This will result in a slight price increase.