As of August 31st  of last year Texas Laws have changed. Finally, we have some regulation within our aesthetic industry for laser hair removal training.

ALA-Dallas_Texas Laws Laser Hair RemovalYear after year we have had to casually sit by and watch innocent clients get burned due to the lack of education and little-to-no-training in the field of lasers. This overwhelmingly growing industry seemed to have just slipped right through the cracks of the system with regards to consumer safety related.

I have been in the industry for 7 years and have many scarey stories to tell, as do many other people. Actually, my adventure in this industry did not start with the want for knowledge or a career change. It came by way of me being a consumer.

I was a single mom with two boys at home working a more than full time job. Needless to say, I had a lot on my plate a very little in my wallet. One of the nice things I would do to treat myself was visit the plastic surgeons office of my employer. She had taken me there one day I found it fascinating. All those fancy creams seemed so expensive. Then there was the make-up … you know “THE MAKE-UP”… such a gorgeous palette of colors.

There was a women there that claimed the title “Aesthetician.” She did a consultation with me and color matched my skin to the foundation. I felt amazing. So I bought the mineral make up that would one day change my life… forever.

Fast forward three years

For three years, I went to the same place to see the same Aesthetician. Then, one fateful day, that would all change. I came to see her and she was no longer there. There was someone new. Not feeling very warm and fuzzy about this new person, I had my reservations. It was like an old friend was gone.

I should had followed my instinct that was stirring in my belly which was GET OUT—NOW!!!

I just knew this was going to turn into a car-salesman-type pitch. New girl new job.. she needs to  make sales…who was this girl? Plus, now I was going to have to start all over again… explain my life and my likes/dislikes. Ugh. I was done before I even started.

As my new aesthetician starting color matching my face for my make-up, she so politely pointed out my upper lip hair and let me know they had a special …did I mention this day was MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I thought it about read the consent form even asked her if I was a good candidate. She said I was. It so happens that summer I was spending a  lot of time at the lake and I was very, very tan. At the time of my visit I even had a small burn on my forehead from my straight iron. I remember asking her “Are you sure?” because I am very dark. I made sure and pointed out my burn. I admit I was bit scared.

Happy Birthday…

Next thing you know, I’m in a room in the back, goggles on. I heard the machine, I felt a cold gel on my cheek then on the upper and lower skin areas surrounding my lips.

I hear her say, “I am going to give you a test spot” then BLAMMO right on my cheek I felt this blast of heat and a snapping feeling.

Then within seconds there were 4 pulses: 2 on the top of my lip and 2 on the bottom.

I smelt skin.

I felt cold pain.

I am quickly whisked off the table and ushered out the door to pay.

What Aftercare?

I got in my car to head for my big birthday dinner with family and friends.

I was no sooner on the road, when I knew something was very wrong. My cheek had a blistered grey look in the shape of a bar; my mouth did too. It felt like what it feels like to touch the stove when hot. A lingering burning feeling with a ashy blistered area where the top layer of skin was thin.

This Hurts!!

I was in pain and I was swelling fast. Needless to say, everyone at dinner was concerned. Dinner was over very quickly.

I tried to soothe my pain that night with ice and some wine. It was obvious this was going to be bad.

The next morning I called the office only to be told, “Everything is fine… that’s completely normal.”

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