The most sought after treatment that single-handedly sparked the aesthetic laser industry into overdrive still gets a bad name due to misguided clients that receive incorrect information.

Laser Hair Removal TreatmentSo, does laser hair removal work?

Theory #1

I have so many opinions on this topic I don’t know where to start. I have a couple of theories on this so let’s start with my money theory.

One way to be misguided would be the company’s need to make a sale. Know your facts and that I guarantee it will keep money in your pocket for that great personal gift you have been waiting to buy yourself. Of all aesthetic treatments this is now the most affordable as well.

Make no mistake, just because this treatment is common, does not mean that it can’t be dangerous.

Back to the money. Sales… sales… sales. Of course Laser Company’s must make a profit. However, time and time again I have seen client’s receive treatments when they are not even a candidate.

Like whom you ask? Blonde hair, grey hair or red hair. Laser does not work on hair of these colors. This is part of laser physics. I know I have heard of lasers that treat hairs like I have mentioned. But, I have yet to see the clinical evidence or the machine that does this. I believe if this were true I would be promoting that in my business not writing about why you are being misled.

Here is the skinny; your hair has 3 growth cycles. One of those cycles is your “growth” or “active” cycle. That is the cycle in which we hope 80% of your hair is in when you are getting your treatment. Believe it or not there is the possibility that when you go in for your first treatment that you are in fact in a “resting” or “fall-out” phase. During these times the laser will have no effect on the hair.

I have consulted hundreds of clients and a nice percentage of them have said “laser didn’t work for me.” That statement has just never made sense to me. If you have balanced hormones, your treatments were properly spaced and settings were appropriate, there really is no reason why lasers would not work.  Trained and well informed technicians know these facts.

So, the questions “lies” with… Did they tell you that? Many have said re-treatment durations were spanned so far apart there is no way it would work. Your body with just about everything that is does works on a schedule. Your heart beats, your blood pumps, your eyes blink, and the amount of times you swallow all the way to when a woman has her menstruation cycle.

You can think of hair removal like introit. If you go in to place the eggs every month when you are not ovulating you will never get pregnant. The same goes for hair removal. If you are targeting the laser for destruction of the hair follicle while in the inactive stage, then there will not be any effect on the killing the hair follicle. So there is one way money goes out the window down the toilet; a vacation that could have been is gone.

The most basic format that should be followed should be the first three treatments treated every 4 weeks, then treatment  four and five treated approximately 5 weeks apart, and any treatments thereafter 6 weeks. This protocol would be for smaller areas other than legs or back. The protocol for that is spreading the return duration further out to 8-12 weeks.

The main way to remember how your treatments should be spaced is based on your growth cycle. Unfortunately, your body does not sound an alarm when hairs are active. On average your growth cycles of your smaller areas is every 28-32 days.  There are always 3 hairs in the follicle and 3 growth phases. To catch the hair in the growth stage that will be at least 6 treatment to insure 80% reduction to catch all follicles. That is if you’re on time!!