Using botox for wrinkles is a small love of my life. Actually, it’s a new obsession… I really never thought I would be using it as much as I do. I went from getting a very small dose in my nose—just to know what it felt like in order to sell it better—to now it’s all over my face and I am not hiding it. I look pretty darn good for turning forty this year and I am proud to say that I became a slave to the man Mr. B during this past year.

Just the Facts Ma’am

Aesthetic Laser Academy & Spa_Botox for WrinklesWhy all the fuss? Why are people so scared? Maybe because that word Botulism? However, it’s not like salmonella. Botox has been used for years all over the body for healing purposes in much larger doses than what we cosmetically use for out little wrinkles.

Botox is sold as a powder, shipped in dry ice and has recommended instructions of constitution ratios. Because botox comes in powder form, it will be diluted by your injector. In other words, it does not come in a syringe with a certain amount in the vial. Botox is measured by units; there typically is a 50 unit vial or a 100 unit vial. So 1 vial can be used or “drawn from” for several people. The injector will draw the amount of botox that she recommends that you need.

Yes, there are some people out there that over-dilute so they get more botox for their buck–which gives you less for yours. That would be one of the primary reasons your botox may not have lasted as long as previous times.

Absorption rates vary from person to person as well. What works for 4-5 months for one may work 1-2 for another. It all depends on how quickly your body processes it through your metabolism.

Bad stories of Droopy Lids

It happens. That’s just the fact. Droopy lids can happen. Its part of the risk of side effects.

However, it can be helped! There are eye drops used to reverse the effect. This response is not always the injectors’ fault. Although that is the easiest person to blame when you have just spent hundreds of dollars and things didn’t go as planned and now you have to reverse it. All to wait and pay to have it redone to see if it was a fluke, your body, or yes maybe it was your injector.

Aftercare Cautions

  • Remember this stuff can migrate and following your treatment providers instructions is very important.
  • No lasers or excessive heat in the area for at least 2 weeks.
  • No massages no manipulating the tissue in that area.
  • No laying down for about 5 hours post treatment.

Everyone is different. Our skin and elasticity changes as the years go so what worked last time may not be enough this time. Be sure you are confident in the professionals that you use for treatment and you can count on them to make the best recommendations on a specific program when you are using botox for wrinkles.

Botox is a wonderful fix for fine lines wrinkles, if you need your brow lifted, or maybe you are just uneven and need a small section of your lip lifted a little.